how did you get into film and photography?

definitely photography is something that’s stuck with me from a young age. I picked it up photography from my dad; his obsession kind of rubbed off on me and I’m definitely grateful for that. but film was something I didn’t pick up until college. watching travel videos and vlogs on Youtube definitely did something to motivate me.

what’s on your bucket list?

ok so NONE accomplished yet, but hopefully I can:

  1. Set foot on all seven continents (yes including Antarctica)

  2. Go on a date with Jessica Alba (Blake Lively also an option)

  3. Have Roger Federer sign his name on any part of my body

  4. Get one of my videos to go viral for no apparent reason

  5. Go to a Coldplay concert and experience them playing Everglow live so that I may rest in peace

are you vegan?

part-time, which means from 12am - 7am. I also happen to be asleep during that time.

I’m a big fan of kale and tofu though, so maybe we can round up and say yes.