winter reflections

riding in the winter

riding in the winter

With the year winding down, winter break is finally in full swing! the days are short, the temperature has dropped, but our team stays strong with riding.

It’s kinda around this time I like to think about the lessons I’ve learned this semester. Most silly, a few serious, but all important for being a better teammate, person, and friend.

  • happiness comes in sips, not gulps. It’s the small moments that matter, so make those count.

  • don’t eat Hot Pockets before a bike ride. you won’t feel hot at all.

  • never assume anything.

  • consent is respect. what’s comfortable for you might not be for others.

  • when cycling in the cold, foil in your shoes kinda works. kinda. the presumed order goes skin/sock/foil/shoe.

  • indie music —> 12/10 (Gregory Alan Isakov :0)

  • You have a certain type of leadership style that fits your personality; but to be a better leader, sometimes you have to put on different “hats” to improve your decision making

  • only make promises and commitments that you can keep. It’s okay to say no at times.

  • take care of yourself before you take care of others - you can’t pour from an empty cup.

tiny bench. or big people?

tiny bench. or big people?