training camp

November 10-11, 2018

Training Camp

so one of the things that I’m really not a fan of is the cold. If you asked me whether I’d prefer near freezing or scorching hot temperatures, I’d take the three-digit Texas weather anytime. Maybe that’s why I love summer in California so much.

* * *

It’s November, and Texas is really starting to come around the corner to show its colder side. We just got our bikes the month before; and after two weekend’s worth of skills clinics, training camp’s descended upon us. Right now it’s 1 am, and after a full day of biking drills and safety courses, several of my teammates are curled up beside me on the auditorium stage, snoozing softly.

a moment with the gals of Texas 4000

a moment with the gals of Texas 4000

I definitely question at some points what motivates me to wake up at such ungodly hours (and in near-freezing weather) to do something so crazy. The long hours that have been starting as early as 6am seem punishing at times, especially combined with work and a heavy course load. But if there’s one thing I learned, it’s the people that keep you going. My teammates have been nothing but loving and supportive; and in the entire year I’ve been a part of Texas 4000, the ordeals we go through are issues we can share with each other. With every little challenge that comes our way, we’re here for each other. I think it brings us a littler closer too.

Volunteering in the scorching sun; early morning sprint circuits in the rain; going door to door asking for donations to our cause. It seems so distant thinking about what we’ve gone through to be here now.

It’s quiet moments like now that I often think of the people that I ride for: my grandfather; my friends at church; my family; the strangers I’ve met panhandling. These people have endured so much in the face of huge challenges, and yet have the ability to show compassion and love. It makes the windy, ice-cold weather seem trivial.

We’ve got another long route to cover tomorrow on bike. It’s expected to be near-freezing again, with a good chance of rain. Another challenge we have to face; but I don’t think I’ve felt more prepared or motivated to take it on.

EDIT: for those wondering why the dates are kinda inconsistent, a huge backlog of entries has been sitting on my computer for a while, and I couldn’t publish until I got this website up. but they’re all definitely things I want to share as highlights of this fall semester :)